Now It's Over

A handcrafted animated short
from A Place To Bury Strangers
& Dave Merson Hess.

“Now It's Over”

Timelapse by Dave MH.

Animation test by Dave MH.

Intro & Verse 1

Highway signs and passing lights...
Photocopies of timelapse night-driving footage...
The mysterious movements of bizarre machines...
Intercut with::
Overcranked footage of a man at a gas station walking slowly through a moonlit puddle, his foot disturbing the still water. Concentric ripples segue into a completely abstract, Len Lye influenced section that begins to feel like astronomy...

Source unknown.

Public Domain.

Fred Lyon.

Chorus (1:30)

First appearance of bright colors: a rotoscoped car bursts through a cloud of stars, drives off of a cliff and lands in the ocean...
Mechanical pieces in the water become swimmers...
Cut to:
Handpainted found black & white footage of swimmers, their faces smudged out with colorful paint...

Hand coloring by Dave MH.

Joris Iven's "Rain/Regen".

The Third Man.

Short Instrumental Break & Verse 2

Images of heavy rain, puddles, electricity...

Man runs toward camera on a dark background while abstract watercolor backgrounds and collage elements whiz by...
A car bears down on him from behind...

Alain Delon in Le Samourai.

Film noir.

Warhol: Orange Car Crash 14 Times (detail)

Chorus 2 & Instrumental Outro

Cut to: Medium closeup of man's face looking directly into camera, eyes.

Man turns to face car suddenly. They collide and both shatter into pieces -- looking over the wreckage, it's unclear where the car ends and the man begins.

Work Sample

Geronimo Getty: Greyhound Blues (2015)


The treatment for this project was:

Greyhound Blues is an animated piece combining pen-and-ink rotoscoping with stop-motion animated paper collage, paint-on-glass direct animation, and completely abstract experimental animation that draws from the visual mythology of 1950s roadside America (especially where it overlaps with the American West) and the washed out, photocopied look of early science fiction zines.